Warning shark in the area!


Recently I read an article about Great White Sharks being tracked along the east coast of America, this is nothing new but it is always interesting to see a certain mammoth shark’s movements. What I found interesting about the article was that someone had decided to turn this tracking information used by scientists into an app.

All surfers can now download an app that shows them where great white sharks are swimming and see the likelihood of surfing with these monster or not. There are a few things that immediately jump out at me in the creation of a shark app, firstly it is showing you the movement of a few sharks and only when they break the surface – there must be thousands of other sharks that live on the east coast that aren’t tagged. Secondly do you really want to check an app and see where a shark is every time you want to surf?…seems a bit pointless – if you create an app showing where sharks are who is the target audience apart from surfers?

Finally and this is the key point I want to make is why hasn’t someone spun this idea on its head, why not build an app that shows you where dolphins are, man I would be sprinting out of work knowing that I had a chance to surf with dolphins and a pod was close to my local surf spot – Sorry rant over….I’m just saying scare tactics like shark tracking is boring and will cause more anxiety amongst sharks and surfers but dolphin tracking would just be plain cool!


If I have missed the point I would love someone to explain it to me….let me know your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Warning shark in the area!

  1. Martijn van Hoek says:

    Good point:)

  2. Wadai says:

    I live and Surf in Jacksonville Beach and I’ve been using the shark watch since Mary lee, the 3000+ lb. Great White came through earlier this year. I think its a good idea to know when something that big is around.

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